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What We Do


Collaborative Research

Partnership between scientific fields practitioners to produce more comprehensive knowledge especially in Social Computing related studies


Sharing Knowledge

We conducts weekly sharing sessions for lecturers and students through discussion, tutorials, and dissemination. We also provide on-line conference alternatives to attend the sessions.


Data Day Event

A seminar, workshop, and competition event we holds annually since 2015



We provide consultation services for students and others for better collaborative researches among academics

Our Team

Andry Alamsyah
Chief of Laboratory
Tri Widarmanti
Coordinator of Laboratory


Quote Of The Day

Decision Making

“AI isn’t simply finding patterns in data. AI is actually about making decision.”

– Babak Hodjat, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Sentient –

“A scientist in his laboratory is not a mere technician: he is also a child confronting natural phenomena that impress him as though they were fairy tales”

-Marie Curie-

More Human

“Artificial Intelligence has the Power to Make Humans more Human “

-Andrew Arruda, CEO and Co-Founder, ROSS Intelligence-